BpN-Groep is part of Castellum Security

22 September 2023

With over 40 years of experience, BpN-Groep is a reliable and seasoned technical security partner. We are delighted that BpN-Groep chose to continue the growth of their business as part of Castellum Security.


BpN-Groep is part of Castellum Security

BpN-Groep, also known as BeveiligingsPartners Nederland, was formed through a collaboration between ASA-beveiligingen BV, Heinen Beveiligingstechniek BV, Infinite Security BV and VCN Beveiligingen. The company, based in Baarn, is a both versatile and and professional technical security company with a wide range of products, services and expertise. BpN-Groep decided to join Castellum Security, as the first company within the new group. “We believe that, as a larger collective, it is possible to operate both stronger and more efficient in the market. For example by consolidating non-core activities, such as recruitment, administration and IT. Also, we know our clients continue to ask for more innovations and higher service levels. As part of a larger group, we can better serve our customers and manage the related costs”, says BpN-Groep.

At Castellum Security, we are thrilled that BpN-Groep, an extremely strong and entrepreneurial partner with a strong (nationwide) network, joins us in fulfilling our shared growth ambitions.

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