We believe that entrepreneurs excel when they combine the flexibility of entrepreneurship with the benefits of working within a larger organisation. This belief is anchored in our approach.



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Running a security company is challenging. While you are determined to offer your clients the best technical security solutions now and in the future, issues such as attracting and retaining personnel, financial administration, legislation and regulations are keeping you occupied as an entrepreneur. To ensure that entrepreneurs can focus on what they excel at and what gives them energy, we support our companies where needed. We do this through the following approach:

Our three leading principles



If you join Castellum Security, your company will become part of the group. Our scaled approach allows us to provide support and professionalisation at a central level, for example in administration. Also, we tackle shared challenges collectively as much as possible, such as attracting and retaining technical personnel. You will continue to do business with a high degree of freedom and responsibility at a local level, close to your customers and employees. In principle, entrepreneurs in Castellum Security continue to run their business themselves. If you prefer to no longer be involved in your company (in the long term), we are happy to discuss the possibilities.


Preserving identity

As a technical security specialist, you have a reputation to uphold. Not only did you spend years building it, your brand and reputation are the foundation of your company and your customer base. Castellum Security stands for preserving your corporate identity and providing continuity for your company. We love to help you further expand your business and take the next step – as part of Castellum Security.


One and one is three

The technical security market is developing rapidly, with endless possibilities for systems, technologies and products. At Castellum Security, we help each other by sharing knowledge and experience, and addressing challenges and opportunities together. Think of shared training programmes for technical personnel or specialist support to help you with certification requirements. Where desired, we collaborate to ensure the group can serve clients with all their technical security needs. We call this a one stop shop.

We look forward to telling you more about our approach and the benefits of collaborating with Castellum Security.

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